Will there be a new Season Hunter x Hunter? [2021 Updated]

Have you ever heard about this series? If yes, then you know the legacy it carries with itself. It is considered as one of the best manga series to date. You cannot just agree with this statement. There are a lot of things which should be considered before saying that. Still, there are many hardcore fans of this anime. It is said that there is no age for this classic. It paved the way for many other classic anime series. 

One man punch and Naruto are just a name of few. The direction of Yoshihiro Togashi was up to the mark, and it is his best work till date. Animation of this Manga anime was perfect. But fans have only one question on their mind regarding the continuation of this series. As per many reports, there is still hope of getting a continuation season of it. Let’s take a more in-depth view of this series.


Hunter x Hunter is not something new in this anime world. Its roots have been laid down very deep in the minds of their fans. You can say that this anime has the highest quality of manga art. Moreover, you can experience this art right from the first episode to the end. Togashi made the direction look on point. One of the significant pros of Hunter x Hunter is its animation. There is still not a single animation house who can match this level. 

You would agree to this fact just after watching 5-8 episodes. You would be wondering how in the world this series is highly rated. The kids at that time know the exact reason. This series initially adapted the new manga art. It was something new for the fans. There was not a single anime which had this quality. Right from the story to animation, there was not a single flaw. We will talk about the characters in the latter part of this article.

Will it be continued?

You might hear the official announcement on whether it will be continued or not. But makers have not made any statement till now. Many significant reports state that they are in the process of writing the script and everything. There is a huge chance of you getting this manga classic again in some months. But you do not know the exact details about their return. In this section, we will discuss the possibilities and reason for their comeback.

There are statements that they do not even think of continuing this classic. This is because it’s dark continent is still continuing. It might hit the floors once this is over. Fans are curious about the plot of the upcoming season. There are many reasons for you to think about the possibilities of their return.

Reason for its continuation

Continuous demand by the Fans

One of the primary reasons is the constant demand by your end. Makers will not ignore the craze of their classic. The dark arc is not even finished half of the way of its end. This states that you would have to wait for months to get its next season. There are many rumours that a special episode in the dark arc will be telecasted. You might sense the essence of HxH’s return. You can just hope for the official statement of the makers.

Unfinished plot

Hunter x Hunter is still not finished yet. The last telecast episode was the end of a chapter. There are many misconceptions regarding the end of this classic. But you should know that the actual end of this Manga is still pending. Togashi told in an interview that the plot will not be finished ever. This might be a piece of bad news for all the fans and even you.

Maintain the legacy of Togashi

Hunter x Hunter is quite famous for its inconsistencies. Right from its beginning, there was not a single chapter without any delay or breaks. Hiatus of the series is the primary reason for its unfinished plot. This is because of the health problems of Togashi. Ever since 2006, the anime got heat from the fans. Many episodes were delayed. Togashi even stated that the Manga might remain unfinished after his death. This is one of the most upsetting news for all the fans. Therefore they should immediately continue this classic to maintain the greatness of Togashi.

These were the primary reasons why this Manga should be continued. Now let’s take a look at why this manga anime differs from other famous anime.

The plot never needed fillers

You would have watched many famous animes. It includes Naruto and many more. They have multiple seasons with hundreds of episodes in it. You can just identify the continuation holes. However, makers fill it up with unnecessary scenes and scenarios. They have many such gaps in them. That is the reason you find some episodes of any anime tedious or lengthy. But with Hunter x Hunter, there are no such episodes in it. All the seasons would entertain you. Moreover, you cannot skip any episode or not even a scene of this classic. This is a significant difference between HxH and other anime.

● Logical plot and characters

You cannot say that many of the famous animes have illogical storylines. But it has become a trend now. But with HxH, it is not the same. A boy founds out that his father is a fighter. There is always a possibility of this happening. The writer made this possible that real things can be portrayed in an anime. There is no need for dense writings or unrealistic storylines. A ploy can be kept straight, and you would like it. This makes this anime very unique and different from others.

Here were the things necessary for you to know. Hunter x Hunter is by far one of the greatest animes. Its continuation is required, and there is no doubt in it. You can just wait for the statement by makers of this anime. We hope that this article provides you with the necessary information.

Will there be a new Season Hunter x Hunter? [2021 Updated]

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